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Chaga Bundle

Chaga Bundle

Chaga Bundle

🍄🌿A holistic bundle featuring wild-foraged, handpicked Chaga mushroom tea bags and small-batch Chaga double extraction mushroom tincture confers targeted advantages. Abundant in polysaccharides and antioxidants, these products strengthen immunity, combat inflammation, and provide potent antioxidant support. Functioning as adaptogens, they foster overall well-being by mitigating stress and enhancing resilience. The tea bags offer a convenient intake method to boost immune defenses, while the concentrated tincture, with its rich bioactive compounds, may bolster health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Help your body support its ability to fortify immunity, alleviate inflammation, and promote adaptability, providing a holistic approach to enhanced vitality and balanced well-being. See Educational Blog for more information on chaga mushroom.

🌟Savings of $7, if purchased separately.

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