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Turkey Tail Bundle

Turkey Tail Bundle

Turkey Tail Bundle

🍄Experience the holistic power of our carefully curated bundle featuring wild-foraged, handpicked Turkey Tail mushroom tea bags and small-batch Turkey Tail double extraction mushroom tincture, designed to confer targeted advantages to your well-being. Bursting with polysaccharides and antioxidants, these products are crafted to bolster immunity, combat inflammation, and provide robust antioxidant support.

🌿Turkey Tail mushrooms function as adaptogens, promoting overall wellness by alleviating stress and enhancing resilience. Our convenient tea bags offer an easy way to fortify immune defenses, while the concentrated tincture, brimming with bioactive compounds, works to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, further bolstering health.

🧺Support your body's natural ability to fortify immunity, alleviate inflammation, and promote adaptability with our Turkey Tail bundle, offering a holistic approach to enhanced vitality and balanced well-being. For more in-depth information on Turkey Tail mushrooms, explore our Educational Blog.

🌟Savings of $7 if purchased separately.

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